The Talent Collector

I marketed The Talent Collector to agents in the winter of 2010. There was a lot of interest, but the consensus was, they didn't feel they got to know my protagonist, Corbi McBride, well enough. That was my fault. The original version of the novel was 104K words. I dropped it to 80 to meet middle grade page number guidelines. To do that, I cut out a lot of introspection and emotional scenes for Corbi. Since agents now say once you submit never resubmit, I've decided that since I love this book and want to write two more sequels for it, I will self-publish it with CreateSpace and then as an e-book. I am currently putting it back to it's original version with some other edits suggested by agents.

Here's my Query Letter:

My protagonist, thirteen-year-old Corbi McBride, loves puppeteering. Her fingers move across the strings, breathing life into the inanimate with an ease and confidence absent from the rest of her suburban existence. She never dreamed there were worlds where magic ruled and science stopped with the gas lantern and steam engine, or that her talent as a puppeteer was more than child’s play.

Whisked away to a different world by a flying nymph, Corbi meets her eccentric aunts and their living, sentient house, George. When George and the aunts offer more secrets than answers, she sets out across the universe accessing different worlds through a maze of brass pipes, catwalks and ladders. Each new world brings adventure, danger, and new friends with powerful talents. As Corbi learns to perfect her gift, she begins to understand why others want to control her and why so many fear her. Haunted by a lineage of manipulators and murderers, she promises herself, destiny is made not inherited.

The Talent Collector is determined to prove her wrong.

The novel is a fun fantasy adventure rich in characters, creatures, imagery and sub-plots with a steampunk feel. It incorporates the adventure and teen camaraderie of Percy Jackson, the imagination, magic and moral dilemma of Harry Potter and the emerging girl character development of The Golden Compass and The Hunger Games. Although I have planned it as a series and have storylines for the next two books, all sub-plots are satisfactorily concluded.

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